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4 Boiler Repair and Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

4 Boiler Repair and Maintenance Mistakes to AvoidKeeping your boiler safe and functioning requires some basic maintenance and care. Here are four common boiler repair and maintenance mistakes to avoid.

1. Not getting a yearly inspection.

Boilers become less efficient over time, and regular maintenance will help keep yours functioning at its best. A yearly boiler inspection is necessary to ensure that no pipes are leaking and that no parts are showing signs of excessive wear or dirt. While complete failure is not likely, having the boiler professionally inspected will help avoid any major problems.

2. Not sealing air leaks.

Heating efficiency depends on the heat reaching its intended destination. Air leaks in the building can waste between 25 and 35 percent of your heating efficiency. Check for drafts coming out of the vents or around the windows and doors. Sealing them will lower your energy costs, make the building more comfortable, and allow your boiler to work more efficiently with less wear and tear.

3. Not having the water pipes regularly inspected.

Boilers work by heating water and sending either the steam or hot water through the pipe system in your building. When pipes are old or corroded water leaks can occur. These leaks result in a loss of pressure and potentially major water damage. Make sure to include an inspection of your pipes, either with your regular boiler preventative maintenance or as a separate inspection.

4. Delaying boiler repairs.

Worn components or pipes can negatively impact the energy efficiency of your boiler, affecting both fuel and water consumption. When water leaks or air escapes through holes or cracks, more energy is needed to reheat the water. Normally, because a boiler is a closed system, the water stays warm as it circulates and requires less energy to reheat it once it returns to the tank. If water is leaking, cold water is added through the feed line to make up for the loss, and that cold water requires more energy to get it to the correct temperature. When air leaks, the boiler must run longer to supply steam or hot water in order to maintain the temperature.

In order to make sure you are getting the most out of your boiler, make sure that you have your boiler inspected regularly and are completing all the needed repairs in a timely manner.

Indoor Air Quality services all types and sizes of boilers. When we perform your boiler repair and maintenance, our goal is to bring your HVAC system back up to its manufacturer recommended operational capacity and energy efficiency. If you need a new boiler, we can schedule an HVAC assessment that evaluates your current system and recommends energy efficient options.

Contact Indoor Air Quality today to schedule your boiler maintenance inspection! IAQ serves Highlands Ranch and the Denver Metro Area.

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