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Does Your Gas Boiler Keep Turning Off and On? Here’s What May be Wrong

gas-boiler-turns-on-and-offWinter in Denver is not the time you want to find out your gas boiler is malfunctioning. We’ve listed many common reasons this may be happening to help you determine the cause. If, however, you suspect any of these issues could be why your boiler is turning off and on, you’ll want to call a technician to evaluate the situation and make the necessary repairs. Because of the inherent dangers, gas appliances must be serviced by a qualified, registered professional.

Low water pressure

Leaks in the system can cause the water pressure to drop and your boiler to turn off. If your boiler has a pressure gauge, check to see that it is between 12-15 PSI (considered good water pressure). If your system needs to be re-pressurized, contact a registered professional who is qualified to work on gas appliances.

Thermostat issues

A faulty thermostat can cause the boiler to turn off because the thermostat doesn’t correctly recognize the actual air temperature. The good news is that replacing your old thermostat with a newer model may save you money on your energy bills.

Frozen pipes

A frozen condensate pipe will cause your boiler to turn off and you may hear gurgling sounds. Carefully thaw any frozen pipes and insulate them to prevent future freezes.

Boiler is not receiving enough water

If the boiler is does not have enough water, it will shut off. Blocked or frozen pipes can prevent enough water from filling the tank.

Air in the system

When the heat turns on, check for cold spots in the radiators.  This indicates air is trapped in the system. Bleed the radiators to remove the trapped air.

Faulty pump

The pump moves the water throughout your central heating system. If the pump fails, the hot water remains in the boiler, causing it to turn off.
Having your gas boiler professionally serviced every year before the start of the heating season is the best way to keep it operating safely and efficiently to warm your home.

For any service or maintenance issues with your gas boiler, contact the professionals at IAQ today!

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