3 Signs of Poorly Installed Air Ducts

3 Signs of Poorly Installed Air DuctsProblems with your HVAC system may not actually be with the equipment itself. Improper heating and cooling could be caused by the ductwork installed in your home. Leaks in the ducts or other issues that result from improper sizing or installation cause the system to be inefficient. This impacts your level of comfort and can increase your energy bills.

The air ducts are a critical part of the HVAC system in your home. They have a direct impact on how well your air conditioner performs at its rated efficiency. Air is drawn into the system through supply ducts and flows out through return ducts. If there is a problem with the air ducts, you may experience higher energy bills, poor performance, bad air quality and limited air distribution.

Here are some common signs of badly installed ductwork.

1. Air duct leaks

Air ducts that are not installed correctly can have gaps, cracks and pinholes that allow cooled or heated air to escape before reaching the living spaces of your home. The system inefficiency that results causes your system to work harder in order to make up for the conditioned air that is lost to the basement, attic or crawl spaces rather than getting to where it is needed. Dust and allergens can get into your home through leaky air ducts as well. Consider hiring a professional to seal your air ducts if you suspect leaks.

2. High energy bills

When much of the cooled air your system is producing is not making it into your home, your air conditioner has to work extra hard and run longer to achieve and maintain the set temperature. All that additional energy shows up as higher monthly utility bills, which is bad for your wallet and the environment.

3. Rooms are difficult to heat or cool

Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, or specific rooms or areas that are hot or cold spots, could be the result of improperly sized ductwork or issues with airflow. If the ducts are too small, air flow can be restricted. When the air is not circulating properly throughout your home, you can have rooms that are always cold or are stuffy and uncomfortable.

Signs of good installation

  • Joints and seams are sealed with mastic, or a similar product.
  • Ducts are installed with rigid metal duct fittings.
  • Pre-insulated duct fittings have a non-fibrous insulation core, so air flows over a fiber-free surface, for improved air quality. Pre-insulated ductwork does not require wrapping insulation after the duct is hung.

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