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8 Benefits of Ductless Cooling & Heating Systems

8 Benefits of Ductless Cooling & Heating SystemsTraditional HVAC systems rely on networks of ducts and registers to deliver heated and cooled air throughout a home. But ductless systems bypass the extra infrastructure and bring the temperature modifications to the locations where they are most desirable, specifically to the rooms you most frequently occupy.

In contrast to forced-air, ducted HVAC systems, ductless cooling and heating systems offer:

1. Highly flexible solutions

Ductless cooling and heating equipment consists of a compact outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, each of which can function as an air conditioner or heater depending on seasonal requirements. Zoned HVAC systems like this deliver heat or cooled air directly to the rooms or areas where the indoor units are mounted, as opposed to ducted HVAC systems which must transport air to every location with a register.

2. Lower operating costs

When heating and cooling operations are confined to specific areas of the home and controlled by multiple thermostats, gross cooling or heating needs drop dramatically. Forced-air HVAC systems that use ductwork and registers must be powerful enough to alter temperatures everywhere in the home any time they are switched one, and that makes them more expensive to use in almost every circumstance.

3. Better indoor air quality

Conventional HVAC systems distribute air through ductwork that is often contaminated by dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants. Ductless heaters and air conditioners eliminate this problem by cutting the distance air must travel down to a minimum, yet they also incorporate multi-stage filtration that significantly improves indoor air quality by removing allergens, particulate matter and other types of common household pollutants.

4. Ease of installation

Frankly, the logistics involved in a conventional HVAC installation can be a nightmare, and they can become quite time-consuming and expensive depending on your home’s architectural quirks. Ductless cooling and heating systems, on the other hand, can be installed speedily (often in one day) and with minimal disruption, damage and labor costs.

5. Superior comfort

With ductless systems you can install as many indoor units as you like, and these zoned cooling and heating set-ups are controlled by multiple unit-specific thermostats. This means you can have cooled or heated air when and where you want it, with no excess or waste involved, which lets you customize room temperatures exactly to the half-degree. And because these units cover small areas they will produce results quickly, should your comfort desires change once day turns to night.

6. Quieter functioning

Since ductless air conditioners and heaters function at low velocities, they are much quieter than forced-air systems, which must pump heated or cooled air to far-off corners from central locations. In fact, indoor ductless units are so quiet that you might not even realize they’re running if you are busy and concentrating on other things.

7. Increased energy efficiency

Many ductless cooling and heating systems feature variable-speed compressors, which adjust output to harmonize with existing weather conditions for maximum energy-efficiency. They also increase energy-efficiency by eliminating ductwork, which will inevitably leak in many areas and leak more as the years pass by. Up to 20 percent of the heated or cooled air produced by a forced-air system can be lost through cracks and holes in ductwork, which represents a lot of energy (and money) going down the drain.

8. Better room-by-room temperature control

Multiple thermostats are more efficient than a single thermostat, which is asked to monitor temperatures throughout an entire home despite having sensors in only one location. As a single thermostat connected to a forced-air system shuts on and off you’ll never really know what temperatures it is producing in other rooms throughout the house, but with ductless systems you can always customize conditions in the rooms you occupy.

Thinking about Going Ductless? Think about Contacting IAQ Today

In Highlands Ranch and throughout the Denver Metro Area, Indoor Air Quality, Inc. is helping spread the good word about the advantages of ductless cooling and heating systems, one of which could be the perfect choice for you if and when you need to purchase new HVAC equipment. To more fully evaluate this option, we invite you to contact IAQ right away. We can give you a full introduction to ductless cooling and heating technology and handle all installation procedures should you decide to go ductless.

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