8 Ways to Increase Comfort & Efficiency While Working or Learning at Home

9 Ways to Increase Comfort & Efficiency While Working or Learning at Home

During the cold weather months, most of our activities take place indoors, and with the current pandemic that means “at home.” With school and work happening remotely, what are the best ways to ensure the comfort and efficiency of everyone in your household?

1. Evaluate the indoor air quality.

People are often surprised to learn that indoor air can have two to five times higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air. This can affect anyone, but those with allergies to dust, pollen and other irritants, as well as those with respiratory conditions, are especially impacted. Consider installing an air filtration system and UV air purification system.

2. Enjoy the convenience and savings of a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat makes it easy to control your home’s temperature throughout the day. You can program the temperature to change at set times/days and also make adjustments from anywhere using any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet or smart speaker. This ensures that you are not wasting money on heating or cooling your home when no one is there or when you are sleeping, while maximizing comfort when you are at home.

3. Check your plumbing.

More hours spent at home means more water use and more wear and tear on plumbing and appliances. Schedule a whole-home plumbing safety inspection including a leak check and drain maintenance to prevent unexpected, and perhaps, disastrous damage from flooding.

4. Switch to LEDs.

LEDs, once a pricey option to purchase,  have become more affordable. They last two to four times longer than CFLs and offer greater energy efficiency than CFLs (more light actually reaches the target area). LEDs can withstand extreme temperatures and do not contain mercury. LEDs can even be ordered online for contact-free purchasing.

5. Do full loads of laundry.

Staying at home for work and school may result in less laundry. Waiting until you have a full load to run the washing machine saves money and energy.

6. Air dry dishes.

While you may have less laundry, you may conversely have more dishes. Turn off the heat dry setting on your dishwasher when the cycle is done to save energy.

7. Unplug electronics.

Many electronics consume electricity even when they aren’t in use because some power is required while they are in stand-by mode. Unplugging devices not in use is another energy-saver.

8. Open windows when temperatures allow.

Homes can get stuffy when people are locked in all day long, especially for multiple days at a time. When temperatures warm up a bit, open some windows to let in and circulate fresh air.

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