NTI FTVN Gas Boiler

The FTVN is a high-efficiency, wall-hung boiler using a durable, vertical down-fired stainless heat exchanger. With 10:1 modulation and 96% AFU, an integrated ECM pump and DHW diverter, quick-connect components, WIFI connectivity for remote monitoring and alert notifications, the FTVN is an ideal solution for your ‘peace of mind’, home heating needs.

Other Features & Benefits Include:

  • Vertical down fired stainless steel heat exchanger for exceptional efficiency and durability
  • Modulating Combustion is 10:1
  • Models up to 96% AFUE
  • Wi-Fi onboard for remote control and monitoring
  • Heat Only and Combi versions available
  • Integrated ECM pump and DHW diverter valve on all models
  • Small zone valve systems may not require an additional pump or a low loss header
  • Easy service access and quick component connections
  • For Indirect DHW applications, internal diverter valve eliminates need for indirect pump
  • Domestic water heating capability available

If you live in the Denver metro area and are in the market for a new boiler, please contact the boiler installation experts at Indoor Air Quality, Inc. in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to learn more about the residential gas boilers we offer.

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