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3 Things to Check Before Calling for A/C Service

3-things-to-check-before-calling-ac-serviceA few simple troubleshooting tips could save you money when the air conditioner in your home isn’t working correctly or stops working completely. Before calling for service in the Denver area, check these three common problem areas and, potentially, get your air conditioning going again without too much inconvenience or expense.

Things to check before calling for air conditioner service:

1. Thermostat:

Sometimes the problem is with the thermostat, rather than with the air conditioner itself.

  • If your thermostat works on batteries, try putting in fresh ones — particularly if it has been a while since you last replaced them.
  • Settings can get changed accidentally. Check the auto, cool, and temperature settings to make sure they are set correctly. The fan should typically be set to auto.
  • Remove the front panel. Use a small brush to clean any dirt and debris that may have gotten inside and is interfering with the unit’s performance.
  • If you’ve changed the temperature up and down recently, you may need to wait for the compressor to reset. This generally takes about 5 minutes.

2. Filters:

  • Check the air filter and replace it if it is dirty. When you remove the old filter, make a note of the size and the direction of the arrows on the frame to make purchasing and installing the new filter easier.
  • Replace the filter every 30-60 days. This is the simplest, least expensive way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

3. Make sure the air conditioner has power:

  • Check to make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. If it has, simply flip the switch. If you are not sure if the breaker is the problem, turn it fully off and then back to the on position to reset it.
  • If the breaker isn’t the problem, but there is still no power to the air conditioner ask your HVAC technician for assistance identifying the source of the problem. There are multiple switches in various places that could have been inadvertently turned off.
  • If the breaker is the problem, you should also contact your HVAC technician to make sure there isn’t a more serious problem causing the power overload.

Hopefully, one of these fixes the problem. If not, however, it’s time to call an expert. The professionals at IAQ are ready to help. Call us today!

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