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5 Duct Leak Prevention Tips

One of the fastest ways to lose money on your HVAC system is through leaky ductwork. Duct leaks are often hard to spot, which is why you often pay the price without even realizing it. To prevent your ducts from leaking, make sure you learn the signs, as well as several important duct leak prevention tips.

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What Should I Do With My Air Conditioner During the Winter?

Did you know that there’s a proper way to care for your air conditioner during the winter? To ensure that your air conditioner stays clean and ready for the next time it’s needed, make sure you understand what to do with it during the winter months.

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5 Common Thermostat Issues Affecting Your Home’s Comfort

HVAC problems don’t always mean expensive repairs and replacements. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a disconnected thermostat. Let’s take a look at some common thermostat issues that may be affecting your home’s comfort.

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How to Finance an HVAC System

Whether you are building a brand new home or your HVAC system is about to bite the dust, you may be wondering about your HVAC financing options. What does financing an HVAC system look like for the average homeowner?

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6 Big Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Are you in the process of replacing your HVAC system? Don’t fall victim to these six common mistakes.

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall Allergies

Allergies aren’t just a spring thing! Fall allergies can cause a lot of discomfort, and they aren’t just an outdoor problem. Learn how you can prepare your home for fall allergies by taking care of your HVAC system.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Many homeowners dismiss a noisy air conditioner as “just one of those things,” but did you know that air conditioner noises indicate bigger problems? If your air conditioner is operating loudly or making strange sounds, it is important to find out why.

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7 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Hot Water

A faulty water heater is no fun, especially when it malfunctions in the middle of a shower. Ignoring the problem only allows your water heater to deteriorate further, so it is important that you understand why you aren’t getting enough hot water.

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What are SEER Levels for Air Conditioners and What is a Good Rating?

If you are in the market for an air conditioner, you may be wondering how to tell the good from the bad. Pay close attention to an air conditioner’s SEER rating, which often determines the quality of your purchase.

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5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Have you been wondering where that horrible odor is coming from? Check your HVAC system. Often, a smelly air conditioner indicates underlying problems, which can quickly get expensive if not treated. Here are 5 reasons why your air conditioner may smell bad…

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To Our Valued Customers - A Note on COVID-19

We understand our customers will continue to have HVAC issues that need to be taken care of right away. At this point, we are open during our normal business hours.

We are taking safety precautions seriously and doing everything possible to ensure the safety and health of our employees and customers.

Steps We are Taking to Reduce Your Risk & Ours:

  • We are closely monitoring daily updates and recommendations from the CDC.
  • We are sanitizing our service trucks and tools.
  • We continue to wear shoe covers when entering and working in your home.
  • Employees have also been instructed not to come to work if they experience fever or other flu-like symptoms.