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5 Ways to Reduce Allergens In Your Home This Spring

5 Ways to Reduce Allergens In Your Home This SpringAre you excited about the arrival of spring, but not the spring allergies that may be headed your way? Don’t worry! Relief may be as close as your HVAC system. Your air conditioner is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the indoor air quality in your home. Regular HVAC maintenance before the start of the season, as well as replacing the air filters throughout the season, will go a long way toward minimizing annoying spring and summer allergies by drastically reducing allergens throughout the home.

Here are 5 ways to reduce allergens and improve the air quality in your home.

1. Use high-quality air filters.

Use a furnace filter with a MERV rating of at least 8. Check the filter monthly and replace it when it gets dirty — at least every one to three months. Doing so ensures that your HVAC system stays clean, functions properly and is able to remove allergens such as pet hair and dust from the air.

2. Check humidity.

Both overly humid and overly dry air can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Too much humidity can lead to mold growth and may create a more hospitable environment for dust mites. Too little humidity aggravates eyes, throats and nasal cavities, and can cause dry, itchy skin. Humidity readings throughout the home (not just in one room) should be between 20 percent and 40 percent.

3. Use an air cleaner.

An air filter alone may not be enough to keep the air in your home clean and allergen-free. Installing an air cleaner can greatly enhance the quality of your indoor air. An air cleaner works with your HVAC system (the air conditioner or furnace) to remove as much as 99 percent of particles as they move through the system. Air cleaners also increase the life of your air conditioner by keeping the system clean while it cleans your air and eliminates dust, pet hair and other allergy-causing debris.

4. Use a HEPA filter in your vacuum.

Regular dusting and vacuuming around your home will also help minimize allergy discomfort. A HEPA filter in your vacuum maximizes the vacuum’s effectiveness. HEPA filters trap 99.97 percent of particles .3 microns or larger.

5. Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.

Regular maintenance, preferably in early spring before you need your air conditioner, ensures that your system is in good shape and able to keep your home free of annoying allergens as well as keeping it cool.

Contact Indoor Air Quality today to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance appointment and keep those spring allergies at bay! IAQ serves homes in Highlands Ranch and throughout the Denver Metro Area.

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