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Fall Is Coming: Time to Schedule Your Annual HVAC / Furnace Maintenance Appointment

fall-is-coming-furnace-checkLate summer into fall is possibly the most spectacular time of year in Denver. Plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures make this a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, it may be difficult to even think about needing your furnace while the weather is so perfect. But, the truth is, the change from cool to cold can happen quickly here, and it pays to be prepared.

Is your furnace ready? Now is the time to be sure.

  • Why is Maintenance Important?
    Maintenance involves a few key steps that all come together to make your heating system work in a more efficient manner, run smoothly, and heat your home faster. Proper maintenance can even prolong the useful life of your furnace. This is because with a regular cleaning and adjustment of your system, wear and tear is minimized which means that the system has a lot less work to do. An efficient system is also more economical to operate.
  • Components of a Furnace Maintenance / Inspection (Only $119)
    During a proper maintenance call, the technician should clean the coils and blower components, tighten electrical connections, check all of the fittings and screws, and check for proper operation of the compressor and all of the other major components. The technician will also inspect the ignition system, pilot, the burner assembly, the heat exchanger, the heating elements, the flue, and the system controls. You’ll also get a safety check and a close examination of the gas components.

Your HVAC professional is trained to identify potential problems before they become unavoidable. He can recognize and correct issues while they are still small, and warn you about costlier repairs that may be coming, particularly with older units.

  • Consider Joining a Maintenance Program & Save $20
    Regular maintenance should be considered a cost of owning your system. It is a necessary function, just like performing routine maintenance on your car. No one wants to be caught without heat in the middle of winter. Joining a maintenance program ensures that your system is cared for every year and that your service gets scheduled when it is convenient for you. It also reduces the risk of emergency service calls. And, you’ll save money on your maintenance visits, too.

Schedule your annual maintenance today.

Call IAQ to schedule your fall furnace inspection and maintenance. Be sure to ask about our maintenance program. We’ll be happy to tell about all the benefits and get you started right away. Call us today and start saving!

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