10 Reasons to Use a Smart Thermostat

10 Reasons to Use a Smart ThermostatSmart thermostats make it almost effortless to save money on your energy bills and help the environment at the same time. With remote access and greater convenience, today’s smart thermostats offer many benefits to homeowners. There are a variety of options to meet your needs and budget.

Here are 10 benefits of installing and using a smart thermostat:

1. Energy savings

The main way to save money on your energy costs is to adjust the temperature according to day and time for the greatest efficiency, for example, not heating or cooling your home when everyone is at work or school. Smart thermostats make these adjustments effortless. Simply set schedules, and even zones, so the system adjusts automatically. Many systems can even be programmed from any location via smartphone or computer access.

2. Remote control/smartphone access

Remote access adds a significant level of convenience to controlling your HVAC by allowing you to do it from anywhere. Adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world where you have a cell phone connection. If you need to change a setting, you can do so while you’re still in bed, at work, or away on vacation. And you can ensure that the setting is correct even when you are not at home.

3. Long-term learning

Today’s smart thermostats detect activity in the home and can adjust heating and cooling to best meet your family’s needs, even as the seasons change. With movement sensors, the system knows when occupants are up and active, or have left or returned to the home.

4. App-based scheduling

Apps make it simple to control heating and cooling schedules, while allowing for more in-depth, ongoing temperature management than is possible with simply pushing a button on the thermostat itself.

5. Track energy use

Smart thermostats allow you to track your energy usage, so you can make adjustments to further lower your bill over time. The data show how your energy use changes over time and how much these changes cost or save you. Reports typically include tips on how to save money by adjusting the temperature.

6. Improved temperature visibility and controls

Smart thermostats are designed to be easy to read, with large, clear, stylized temperatures and simple interfaces that can be read at a glance.

7. Compatibility with other smart devices

Smart thermostats are often bundled with other smart products to make your home systems even more efficient and easier to use. This may include security cameras and systems, smoke alarms, a smart doorbell and smart speakers.

8. Create an energy profile of your home

An energy profile uses your home’s size, location, and methods of heating and cooling to generate an energy profile score. Through an automated process, these details can be programmed into your smart thermostat to increase your home’s energy efficiency

9. Adjust to weather changes

Some smart thermostats can track the latest local weather reports, such as a cold front moving in, and make temperature adjustments accordingly.

10. Reporting and alerts

Smart thermostats can send alerts when the home’s temperature rises or falls unexpectedly, if it loses connection to the wireless network, and if there is a power outage or a problem with the HVAC. This type of information is extremely helpful when you are away from home.

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