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3 Common Furnace Repairs That Are Easy To Avoid

3 Common Furnace Repairs That Are Easy To AvoidNo one has “troubleshoot furnace issue” on their to-do list because furnace problems don’t generally wait for a convenient time to deal with them. Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid both common and emergency repairs, but when something goes wrong there are three easy things to check before calling for service: the cleanliness of the equipment, the condition of the furnace filter and the thermostat. Here is a quick summary of what to look for:

1. Are the blower and motor clean?

The best way to avoid expensive and inconvenient repairs is to make sure your furnace is clean. If your system is not functioning properly, check to see if the blower and motor, as well as other components, are free of dirt, dust and debris. To help keep your system in top shape, make sure the area around the unit stays clean and clear. Don’t use the space around the furnace for storage. If your system is dirty, have a professional technician come out to thoroughly clean it and check for damaged parts.

2. Change your air filter.

Installing a new air filter is one of the easiest and most economical ways to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. The filter is an inexpensive yet key component for keeping your furnace clean and functioning properly. The job of the filter is to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the system where it can clog parts and prevent them from functioning properly and to keep air flowing freely through the system. A clogged filter causes premature wear and tear, which leads to breakdowns. Dirt also makes your furnace work harder and use more energy. Eventually, it can shorten the life of the furnace, meaning you will need to replace it sooner than necessary. The air filter should be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on your usage and specific situation.

3. Check your thermostat.

Start by checking the settings. It is not uncommon for settings to get accidentally changed. Be sure the thermostat is set to heat and any program settings are correct. Also make sure that the fan is set to “auto” instead of “on,” otherwise the fan will blow air even when the furnace is not generating heat. Lastly, make sure the battery in the thermostat is still providing power.

One of the simplest ways to keep your furnace running efficiently is to keep up with annual maintenance and tune-ups. Now is the perfect time to schedule your furnace maintenance for the upcoming cold season. Contact Indoor Air Quality to schedule your appointment today! IAQ proudly serves Highlands Ranch and communities throughout the Denver Metro Area. 

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