3 Ways a Zoning System Can Save You Money

ways-zoning-can-save-moneyHeating and cooling a home accounts for a good chunk of most household budgets, so finding and implementing solutions for lowering those costs makes a lot of sense. One of the best ways to save money on energy is HVAC zoning. Whether you have a newer, more efficient system or an older, costlier one, zoning saves money by making your air conditioner and furnace work more efficiently.

What is Zoning?

A zoning system uses a series of dampers to direct conditioned air only to the areas that need it, essentially dividing the home into separate zones. Typically, zones are determined by location, as well as how, how often, and when you use the various spaces in your home. Combining areas that have similar heating and cooling needs gives you increased flexibility and control over how your home is heated and cooled. For instance, you may have your kitchen and dining room in the same zone, and your upstairs bedrooms in another.

3 Ways a Zoning System Can Save You Money

1. Control temperature.

Zoning allows you to control the temperature in different areas of your home as needed. Perhaps you don’t need the bedrooms cooled during the day and the main living areas cooled at night. You can control those areas independently and are, therefore, not paying to maintain a certain temperature in rooms when no one is in them. Additionally, no energy is wasted upstairs compensating for conditions downstairs.

2. Seal off unused rooms.

With zoning, you can completely seal off guest rooms, or areas that are only used seasonally and don’t require heating or cooling all year long. When you do need those spaces, you can quickly get them back to a comfortable temperature.

3. Increase efficiency of your HVAC system.

Because air isn’t circulating throughout your whole house all the time, the system isn’t working as hard to get every room to the ideal temperature. You still enjoy the comfort of heating or cooling when you need it, but at significant savings. Since your HVAC system isn’t being overworked, you will likely have fewer breakdowns and it will last longer, too, so you’ll save money on repairs and replacement as well.

If you are interested in learning more about system zoning, contact Indoor Air Quality, Inc.