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5 Reasons You Should Consider the Google’s Nest Thermostat E

5 Reasons You Should Consider the Google's Nest Thermostat ESmart thermostats have become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a number of benefits that help your HVAC system work at its best. Smart thermostats are programmable and easy to use, so adjusting the temperature to maximize both comfort and efficiency happens with ease.

If you have wanted to upgrade to a smart thermostat such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, but found the price tag to be a bit too high, Google’s Nest Thermostat E might be right for you. This stripped down version is almost as smart as the premium model, but comes at a more affordable price.

Check out these features and benefits of the Nest Thermostat E:

1. Savings.

The Nest Thermostat E saves 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling. The Nest leaf symbol in the display lets you know when you are saving energy. And, at a lower price point, the Nest E is less expensive to purchase than the original version, while still providing many of the same features.

2. Convenience.

The Nest Thermostat E is convenient and easy to use. Adjust the temperature from anywhere at any time with the downloadable Nest app.

3. Automatic control.

Why waste money and energy heating or cooling your home when you’re not there? Using sensors and your phone’s location, the Nest Thermostat E will automatically adjust your air conditioner or furnace for energy savings when you leave home. It also adjusts the temperature automatically when you go to sleep and then readjusts in the morning.

4. Energy Star certified.

The Energy Star label is awarded to products that are found to be highly energy-efficient. Nest Thermostat E’s Energy Star certification means you can purchase and use it with confidence that it is saving energy.

5. Nest temperature sensor

With the optional temperature sensor (sold separately), the Nest Thermostat E precisely adjusts a particular room to a specified temperature at a set time. The sensor goes on a wall or a shelf in the room you want to monitor, such as the nursery or living room, and the system adjusts the temperature of that room up or down as needed.

The Nest Thermostat E also works with Amazon’s Alexa speakers and Google Home.

Contact IAQ to learn more about the Nest Thermostat E and other energy-saving solutions. We serve homes in Highlands Ranch and throughout the Denver Metro Area.

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