6 Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-up Now

6 Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-up Now

Proper air conditioner maintenance by a trained HVAC technician is the best, most cost-effective way to make sure your AC is working properly when you need it. Scheduling maintenance early allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a functioning, efficient air conditioner all season long.

Benefits of a professional precision tune-up include:

1. Peace of mind

Isn’t it nice to have your air conditioner kick on that first hot day of the year and work perfectly? Annual maintenance is the best way to ensure that your AC is ready to go as soon as you need it and that you can count on it working all summer long. During the maintenance check, the technician will catch minor problems before they become expensive repairs so you have no unpleasant surprises.

2. Peak efficiency

Thorough cleaning and necessary adjustments keep your system working as efficiently as possible. Your HVAC technician will clean the components of your system and do a thorough inspection that includes any necessary adjustments to keep your energy costs low and your system functioning optimally throughout its lifetime. Your technician can also warn you about potential bigger problems as your system ages, so that you can prepare for them or consider a system replacement when the time comes.

3. Safety

Any appliance that works with combustion has some inherent safety risks. Your HVAC technician will identify and prevent potential safety hazards, such as CO2 leaks. With an annual maintenance check you can be assured that your system is safe and functioning properly.

4. Fewer repairs

Annual maintenance saves money over the life of your system. Professional maintenance lowers the chance of unexpected repairs. Neglecting that maintenance can cut the life of your system nearly in half, leading to replacement far sooner than necessary. Keeping your system running efficiently also means lower energy costs over the life of the unit.

5. Protect your warranty

Typical warranties protect your AC against malfunction or breakdowns due to a manufacturer’s fault for 10 years. Many manufacturers require homeowners to have annual maintenance performed in order to keep the warranty in force.

6. Flexibility

This time of year, technicians are between heating and cooling seasons and as a result are likely not as busy. Scheduling early gives you greater flexibility to make the appointment when it is convenient for you.

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