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7 HVAC Tips for the Winter Holidays

7 HVAC Tips for the Winter HolidaysWinter is coming, and that means cold weather is just around the corner. HVAC maintenance is important year-round, but especially before the winter weather kicks in. After all, no one wants to experience a furnace breakdown when it’s below freezing. To stay warm and save money on repairs, learn our 7 HVAC tips for the winter holidays.

Why is Winter HVAC Preparation Necessary?

Proper HVAC maintenance in the winter provides you with numerous behind-the-scenes benefits. The advantages of winter HVAC preparation include the following.

  • Increases lifespan of HVAC system
  • Prevents unexpected breakdowns
  • Keeps utility bills low
  • Reduces energy waste
  • Prevents excess moisture from freezing on pipes and units

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

So, how can you prepare your HVAC system for the colder months?

It’s simpler than it sounds. Before the cold weather comes out in cold force, take the following steps.

1. Schedule a beginning-of-the-season inspection.

While you certainly can (and should!) examine your HVAC system on your own, it is always helpful to enlist the eyes of a professional. Licensed HVAC technicians can spot potential problems before they rear their heads, saving you a cold night and expensive repair. You should schedule a professional HVAC inspection each time the season changes.

2. Change all of your air filters.

Your air filters seem small, but they play an important role in the functionality of your furnace. Make sure you change them before turning on your furnace for the season. Additionally, continue changing them throughout the season, as often as the manufacturer recommends. Your air filters go a long way in improving both furnace efficiency and indoor air quality, which is why we recommend investing in high-quality filters.

3. Check for flammable objects near vents.

Check all of your air vents and remove any cloth furniture, clothing, storage, or other flammable materials from the vicinity. Particularly when you turn your furnace on for the first time, the dust inside burns hot. Think ahead so no vent fires occur.

Also, keep in mind that the dust burning in your vents will cause a burning odor. Don’t panic if you smell something burning after turning the furnace on for the first time. Just investigate to ensure that it is the dust causing the odor.

4. Use other heating methods.

You can increase the lifespan of your furnace and prevent it from overworking itself by using additional heating methods. Space heaters often balance a cooler heating temperature without compromising your comfort.

5. Keep your furnace running.

Once you turn your furnace on for the season, try not to go back and forth between on and off. This can damage the system and reduce its lifespan. Instead, allow it to run consistently and smoothly.

6. Clean around units.

Don’t forget to declutter both your interior and exterior units. Remove flammable items, and gently wipe down the units themselves.

7. Turn your furnace on before it is necessary.

Turning your furnace on ahead of time clues you into potential problems before the dead of winter strikes. Simply thinking ahead can prevent an unexpected breakdown and protect you from being cold in your own home.

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