Are There Any Special Financing Options, Discounts, or Rebates Available for Furnace Installation?

Are There Any Special Financing Options, Discounts, or Rebates Available for Furnace InstallationInvesting in a new furnace is a significant financial decision. But an efficiently running heating system can, in the long run, save money by reducing energy costs and preventing costly repairs of an older system. Recognizing the significant outlay such an investment represents, we’ve put together some available options that might make the financial aspect of this decision more manageable.

Financing Options

Indoor Air Quality, Inc. is proud to offer financing options. We understand that purchasing a new furnace can be a large, unexpected expense. To ease this burden, you can apply for financing that allows for convenient monthly payments as low as $100/mo. When you’re ready to finance your purchase, we offer plenty of financing options for you to choose from. Learn more about our financing options.

Manufacturer & Govt. Rebates

Many furnace manufacturers and even local government bodies offer rebates on energy-efficient HVAC systems. These rebates can sometimes save homeowners up to several hundred dollars on the cost of new equipment. While the specifics of these offers vary and change frequently, Indoor Air Quality, Inc. stays abreast of these opportunities and can guide you toward any available rebates when you are considering your new furnace options. We’re here to ensure that you maximize savings and affordability in attaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home.


Indoor Air Quality, Inc. also offers promotions that can result in substantial savings on furnace installations. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable home, regardless of their budget. These promotional discounts make it easier for you to invest in a new furnace when you need it most- during those cold winter months.

Energy Savings

While not a rebate or discount, the energy savings that result from installing a new, more efficient furnace can be significant. If your old heating system was inefficient, you might find that the monthly savings you see on your heating bill can help offset the cost of the new furnace over its lifespan.

Before concluding on the best financial pathway for your furnace installation, it’s essential to consider other factors, including the efficiency of the furnace model, the size of your home, and the furnace’s expected lifespan.

Indoor Air Quality, Inc.: Your Trusted HVAC Partner

Navigating furnace installation and the financing options available can be complex. At Indoor Air Quality, Inc., our experienced team is committed to guiding homeowners through this process, ensuring they are educated about their choices. As the go-to Denver HVAC company, we provide trained professionals to deliver outstanding service while achieving energy efficiency for your home.

Remember, investing in a new furnace is investing in a comfortable, energy-conserving future for your home.

Contact Indoor Air Quality, Inc. today to discuss your HVAC needs and explore the most beneficial, cost-effective solutions available. Let us serve you in achieving your goal of home comfort while easing the financial demands of furnace installation.