Does My Furnace Need Repairs, Replacement, or Maintenance?

Does My Furnace Need Repairs, Replacement, or Maintenance?Nobody looks forward to the day their furnace stops working. But when that day comes, you have an important question to answer. Do you repair the furnace, or replace it?

We’ve put together this article to help you figure it out. Keep reading to learn more about furnace repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

Reasons to Replace Your Furnace

Your furnace is old

The average furnace system is designed to last for about 15-30 years. If you’ve had the same system for at least 15 years, then you may want to think about replacing it instead of repairing it. Otherwise, you may end up having to pay for more repairs in the near future.

Repair costs are 30% or more of what a new unit would cost

Some furnace repairs are expensive and difficult to complete. If the repairs that your system needs would cost 30% or more of what you would pay for a new furnace, then you may be better off just buying the new unit.

Your system is emitting carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is something that you never want to mess around with. If you suspect that your furnace has been emitting carbon monoxide because of a cracked combustion chamber, then you don’t want to take any chances. You’re better off replacing the system entirely to be safe.

Your energy bills have skyrocketed, despite solid maintenance

Unexplained high energy bills are a sign that your furnace isn’t working properly. But if you’ve been proactive about preventative maintenance and are still facing sky-high energy bills it could be a sign that your furnace just can’t muster the efficiency you need no matter what you do.

Reasons to Repair Your Furnace

Your furnace is still new

If you purchased a brand new furnace within the past few years, then repairs will almost always be the better option. New furnaces are still capable of achieving peak efficiency and typically won’t have any issues with wear and tear that could raise your energy prices.

Repairs are inexpensive

Unless the cost of repairs is very high, it usually makes sense to pay for them when your furnace is still relatively new.

Your energy bills are still low

If you’re not having any problems with unexplained high energy bills, then that’s a great sign that your furnace is working properly, and that there’s no reason to replace it absent other considerations.

The problem is in your air ducts

Some issues, like loud noises, aren’t actually being caused by your furnace. They may be coming from your home’s air ducts instead. If that’s the case, then you really have no reason to make any changes to your furnace system.

Whether You Need Furnace Repairs, Replacement, or Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Can Help

When it comes to furnace repairs, replacement, and maintenance, you need a team of experts who can get the job done on time and on budget no matter what it takes. Indoor Air Quality could be just what you need.

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