Is It Okay to Install Different Brands for your Furnace and Air Conditioner?

air-conditioner-brandsChances are when the HVAC systems in your home were originally installed, both the heating and cooling units were the same brand. However, the air conditioner and the furnace probably won’t need to be replaced at the same time. If only the air conditioner needs replacing, for example, are you limited to purchasing the same manufacturer so that both systems match? Not necessarily. An air conditioner and furnace from different brands can usually work together.

What to Consider

Your HVAC technician will be invaluable in helping you determine the best replacement for your air conditioner or furnace, and whether two different brands will be compatible. When replacing either system, many factors in addition to brand and price need to be considered. Typically, using different brands has no major negative consequences. The key is to properly size the unit and make sure the coils, blower and wiring are compatible. Start by scheduling an in-home visit by a trusted HVAC professional to determine which is the best replacement for your home and if the two different brands you want to combine can be properly installed together. With the right selection and proper installation, functionality would not suffer.

The Downside to Installing Two Different Brands

Different brand equipment can almost always work fine. However, because manufacturers design their components to work optimally together, the potential exists for some loss in efficiency when mixing and matching. Keep in mind, you are also combining systems that are different ages as well. The older system’s level of wear and loss of efficiency will have some impact on the new system.

While a unit from another manufacturer may have a lower sticker price, the maximum rebates may not be available when combining an air conditioner with a furnace from another manufacturer. Additionally, some manufacturers will not honor a warranty if you replace only one element of the system.

Your best course of action is to get a recommendation from an HVAC contractor on which components should be replaced and which units — including the brand type — will work the best for your particular situation. Be sure to ask about all the pros and cons so that you understand what trade-offs, if any, you are making.

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