Top 7 Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

Top 7 Advantages of Ductless Air ConditioningYou don’t just want to heat and cool your home. You want to do it in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way possible. That’s why ductless air conditioning systems should be on your radar.

This article covers seven advantages of ductless HVAC systems and highlights why they’re important. 

1. Ductless systems are more efficient than air conditioners or heat pumps

Ductless air conditioning and heat pumps provide the same output as traditional systems with less power. That’s because they’re smaller and deliver air directly into your rooms instead of sending it through complex ductwork.

You can even set up different zones in your home to heat and cool specific areas instead of your entire house at once.

2. They’re environmentally friendly

Ductless HVAC systems are also better for the environment thanks to their lower levels of power consumption. Installing one of these systems can be a good way to do your part for the environment.

3. The dual split vane design is designed for directional airflow

You also get more control over how the air comes out of your vents thanks to the dual split vane design’s directional airflow capabilities. This may help you do more cooling or heating with less power.

4. They offer flexibility with both heating and cooling

Ductless HVAC systems are a complete solution to your home’s climate. They can make you comfortable year-round and will even remove excess humidity from the air just like a traditional system.

5. Some models have i-See Sensor Technology

You can also buy ductless systems that come with something called i-See Sensor Technology. This lets you program the airflow from a vent to a specific location, which you can even change at certain points of the day.

With this feature, you can direct the air towards you during the warmest parts of the day and away from you once you get comfortable.

6. They don’t need to be installed on walls

You can also install your ductless air vents anywhere you want. You can place them on your walls like a traditional system, but you’re also free to add them to your floor and ceiling to bring some extra versatility to your indoor climate control.

7. They are scalable

Finally, ductless air conditioning and heating are both extremely scalable. You can use them in just one room or throughout your entire house. And you can always add extra vents as your needs change.

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