What Should I Do With My Air Conditioner During the Winter?

What Should I Do With My Air Conditioner During the Winter?

Did you know that there’s a proper way to care for your air conditioner during the winter? To ensure that your air conditioner stays clean and ready for the next time it’s needed, make sure you understand what to do with it during the winter months.

What Type of Air Conditioner Do You Have?

What you should do with your air conditioner during the winter depends on what type it is. Numerous A/C types exist, but for winter maintenance purposes, let’s take a look at two types of units.

1. Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner naturally mounts to your window. It is smaller and more portable than the average A/C unit. Its maintenance looks a little different than that of the standard ground unit. Window conditioners should be kept clean during the summer and put away from the winter.

To clean a window A/C unit, gently wash each individual part with warm water, including the filter, fan, pans, and the outside of the unit. Cover the unit and store it somewhere clean and safe.

2. Ground-Mounted Air Conditioner

A ground-mounted air conditioner is the more common of the two types. Ground units last longer when regular maintenance is performed. That includes preparing your air conditioner for winter.

What to Do With Your Air Conditioner When Winter Comes Around

So, now that you have identified your air conditioner type, what should you do with it at the end of the warmer months? Following this process if you want to keep your air conditioner safe during the winter.

1. Remove debris and clutter from indoor and outdoor units.

First things first: declutter your units. This includes removing leaves, sticks, rocks, furniture, random storage, etc. from both the interior and exterior units. Additionally, you should gently wipe the surface of each unit with warm, soapy water.

2. Cover the exterior unit.

Cover the outside A/C unit with a properly fitting cover, protecting it from both the elements and from outside creatures.

3. Clean condensate coils.

Be sure to clean the condensate coil to prevent grime from accumulating. You can either hose off the coils yourself or have them professionally cleaned during an air conditioner tune-up.

4. Visually inspect lines, units, coils, etc.

Glance over every moving part of your air conditioner to ensure that there are no obvious problems. Look for cracks, holes, leaks, and dents that could cause problems down the line.

5. Schedule yearly air conditioner maintenance.

Professional maintenance is the best precaution you can take against expensive breakdowns. Fortunately, you can combine your end-of-season air conditioner inspection with your furnace tune-up before turning the furnace on for the winter.

6. Continually clean and check on your air conditioner throughout the winter.

Try not to forget about your air conditioner until summer rolls back around. Rather, check on the units throughout the winter season, keeping an eye out for problems.

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