Aprilaire 4200 Media Air Cleaner

The Aprilaire 4200 Whole-Home Air Cleaner comes equipped with the industry’s only active Air Cleaner Control.  It can be mounted either in the living space or on the installed air cleaner to allow greater visibility and active control – the two things homeowners told us they wanted to see in an air cleaner.

Other Features & Benefits Include:

  • Collapsible media with automatic pleat spacing installs in seconds. A MERV 13 rating means that the media is excellent at removing even the smallest micron-sized particles.
  • Captures both microscopic particles, such as dust and smoke, and larger contaminants, such as mold spores and pet dander
  • Wireless Airwatch Indicator provides filter change notification
  • Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter; replace every 6-12 months versus monthly or quarterly changes
  • Works with all gas, oil and electronic forced air furnaces and air conditioning systems
  • Can be easily converted to a higher-performance Electronic Air Cleaner

If you live in the Denver metro area and would like to have cleaner air in your home, please contact the air cleaner experts at Indoor Air Quality, Inc. today for a free air cleaner estimate.

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