Rheem R96V 96% Efficient 2 stage Furnace

The Rheem R96V furnace offers two stages of heating. Rather than operating at 100% capacity each time, they are turned on like single-stage furnaces. These systems operate at either 70% or 100% capacity to keep your home at a comfortable thermostat setting. The low heat, energy saving stage is used the majority of the time. However, when the outside temperature drops significantly, the furnaces will kick into 100% capacity, the high heat stage to warm your home. The temperature of your home stays at the comfort level you select, regardless of how you set the thermostat.

Other Features & Benefits Include:

  • Premium Comfort:
    We’ve improved airflow, which means you get fewer cold spots and better overall indoor air quality during every season.
  • Maximum Efficiency:
    A 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) guarantees this gas furnace makes the most of every drop of fuel.
  • Exceptional Quality & Reliability:
    Our Prestige Series Gas Furnace is designed with the exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System, the most reliable system on the market today.
  • EcoNet™:
    This innovative technology allows you to control your comfort from home or away.
  • Two-Stage Operation:
    Provides superior comfort by knowing when to switch into high gear, so there is no need for you to adjust the thermostat.
  • Variable-Speed ECM Motor:
    Uses less energy than a single-stage motor. It’s engineered for better dehumidification, which provides you with better indoor air quality.

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